Welcome to the logs of Sailing Vessel

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Finally we have a  new site!

After the disappointment of losing all of the content of our old website it has taken a little soul searching to decide whether to again operate a site.

Internet access can be difficult and expensive to obtain in some of the far flung corners of the planet that we visit.

We started the Spirit of Sobraon Facebook page in the interim and have found that it is a fast and efficient way of keeping our followers up to date with our adventures: however, it is a difficult medium to search and archive and recent experiences in Korea highlighted that we really need something that is stand alone so that those without facebook can follow our travels, so we have decided to  bite the bullet and try wordpress.

It will be a work in progress for now and we hope to improve content as we discover it’s abilities.


Using our personal facebook page we are recreating our old logs.  We now have them updated back to 2014 so we have covered Borneo, Philippines, Taiwan, Japan and Korea.  More to come soon of our past 13 years of exploring on board our beautiful home ‘Spirit of Sobraon’.

Use the Archive feature or scroll down to the older logs on the Log Page.

Updates to the Navigation pages coming soon.

We welcome your feedback and hope you enjoy our journey.

Garry & Wendy




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